As the Art Director for Gordon-Conwell, I maintain and execute the visual brand strategy across four campuses in all major media platforms (print, digital, social and web). Below are some samples that reflect the diverse range of projects that I have produced, including descriptions of some of its notable results.
Gordon-Conwell, one of the largest seminaries in the nation known for its rich tradition and academic excellence, has its roots dating back to 1884. Its name was officially established in 1969 to honor the early efforts of AJ Gordon (Gordon College) and Russell Conwell (Temple University) in establishing two separate schools that would eventually merge together. With this knowledge, I redesigned the logo so that it not only reflected the institution's classic, traditional underpinnings, but visually display the joining of its leaders.  In addition to rebranding the school's visual components, I also helped to lead and execute a multi-year brand clarification effort which resulted in a more effective and cohesive institutional identity across four campuses. Below is a condensed snapshot of a 48-page branding packet. 
A 12-page prospectus was developed for a comprehensive campaign that was completed in July 2016 where $69.7 million was raised on a $68.5 million goal.
Developed print and digital materials to increase existing and prospective donor contributions for Gordon-Conwell's Annual Fund.  It nearly doubled in 5 years.

Dendrogram results from card sorting studies conducted through our survey groups from our four campuses helped to test our assumptions and gain insight into the redesign.

Low-fidelity wireframes and rapid iteration helped to gain feedback and test on internal users.

Heatmap results from an interation of a high-fidelity wireframe.

Since launching our website in June of 2019, our analytics displayed a significant reduction in our bounce rate from 97% to less than 2%. In addition, the total traffic to our degree programs page significantly increased (from 5,194 to 12,062) which confirmed the user experience research that informed the user interface design.
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