Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm a graphic design strategist who delights in the process of producing design solutions through research, iteration and instinct. 
Currently, I work at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary as the Art Director where I execute the visual brand strategy across four campuses while producing institutional materials that range from identity guidelines to annual reports. On the side, I am a contract graphic and web designer which has given me opportunities to work on a wide range of projects.

Aside from this, I enjoy volunteering in my community, listening to 'This American Life' and photographing landscapes with my beat-up but trusty old camera. Originally from Chicago, I moved to the East Coast to attend the Rhode Island School of Design. I reside in the North Shore of MA and love it for its history, scenery and people.
Feel free to email me at nicolerim@gmail.com, and thanks for stopping by. 
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